Vegetable and Herb Planting Planner

This planner allows you to calculate the Sowing Date (when you plant the seeds), the Planting Date and the Date you can expect to begin Harvesting your Vegetables and Herbs. We assume you will sow seeds prior to planting - unless otherwise specified. All you have to do is gather a little information first. We suggest you have a pen and paper ready.


  1. Locate your "USDA Hardiness Zone" from the widget on the right by entering your ZIP Code;
  2. Then click on the zone link to find your "First Frost Date" and "Last Frost Date", and write them down;
  3. Now enter the "Last Frost Date" and the "First Frost Date" in the calendar fields below;
  4. Look at your seed packs and write down the "Maturity Days" or "Days to Harvest" for each plant;
    (If you do know where to get this information - use the "Average Days" in the BLUE column as an estimate)
  5. Now enter the "Maturity Days" you wrote down for each crop you will be planting in the GREEN column;
  6. Finally, click the "Calculate Dates on Planner" button to calculate all your Sowing, Planting and Harvesting Dates.
  7. NOW PRINT the pages using your printers LANDSCAPE Setting, and NOT the Portrait setting for best results.

Please Enter "Last Frost Date" Please Enter "First Frost Date"

NOTE: Dates will not show unless you add the "Maturity Days" in the first column for that row or plant!
If you do not know your maturity dates, use the Average Days in the 3rd column


Plant Name Enter Your
in Days
in Days
Spring Sow Date Spring Planting Date Begin Harvest Date   Fall Sow Date Fall Planting Date Begin Harvest Date
Beans 50  
Beets 60  
Broccoli 70  
Broccoli Raab 45  
Brussel Sprouts 80  
Cabbage 70  
Cabbage - Chinese 60  
Carrots 70 Sow in ground        
Cauliflower 60  
Celery 90        
Corn 70 Sow in ground        
Cucumber 65        
Eggplant 70        
Kale 60        
Kohlrabi 70 Sow in ground        
Leek 140        
Lettuce 40  
Muskmelon 80        
Okra 55        
Onion 100        
Pak Choi (Bak Choy) 35  
Parsnips 90 Sow in ground        
Pea 70 Sow in ground  
Peanut 120 Sow in ground        
Pepper 70        
Potato 100 Sow in ground        
Pumpkin 100        
Radish 30 Sow in ground        
Spinach 60 Sow in ground  
Squash 50        
Sweet Potato 100 Sow in ground        
Tomatillo 65        
Tomato 85        
Turnip & Rutabagas 60 Sow in ground        
Watermelon 85        
Zucchini 50        


Basil 85        
Chives 80  
Cilantro & Coriander 60 Sow in ground        
Dill 60 Sow in ground        
Fennel 60 Sow in ground        
Mint   Plant only        
Parsley 60 Sow in ground        
Oregano, Rosemary, Sage,
Tarragon & Thyme
  Plant only